X-CulT: X-Box > Toejam & Earl III > Demo

When using a Funk Rhythm, the enemies don't rise up on platforms when they dance. They remain on the ground.

Demo on left, final on right. You can see they altered the font and colors of the player select prior to release:

The present at the top isn't in the final. (The shapes/colors of it, the actual contents of presents varies throughout the game)

The ship has no pilot in the demo.

This is a buck. In the final version the whole buck is green, in the demo it has a black number one on it.

This blonde haired variation of the little girl appears no where in the final game.

Demo on left, final on right. Mailbox monster seems to be missing part of his face at this point in development.

The circles of light are sometimes far away from the things they activate, such as this toll bridge.

This is the map of the Demo level. The level itself seems to be mostly made up out of the Urban zone hub and secret level parts. It does not appear in any of the following Urban Level areas:

None of these match up with the demo level.

Other differences:
1. Getting album doesn't always stop enemies from attacking after obtaining. usually they will stop and clap, however they will attack you if you get close to them. In this demo the album is surrounded by dentists.
2. Extra life bugs look different.
3. Mini Randomizer is called Randomizer(3) and Mega Randomizer is Randomizer(5)
4. Spring shoes needs the button pressed each time you bounced, rather then holding the button down.
5. Sometimes sounds won't play at all, such as the present list.
6. Enemies can attack you if you try jumping over them.
7. If you stand on a ledge and attack while people are below you, it's still possible to hit them.
8. Instead of a single drop off point, when you fall off the level the game places you near where you fell off.
9. Laugh blaster is called Funkmobile
10. Finding the elevator doesn't cause the gospel singers to sing congratulations.
11. Using "show hidden objects" shows the entire map for a split second.
12. No matter how many times you fall, the imp never comes out of hell with you and chase you.
13. Elves have weird reactions then they do in the final. Funk Rhythms tend to screw up their actions, sometimes causing them to not drop anything, or sometimes drop stuff they shouldn't. (Like microphones)
14. The vinyl pillar of light does not show up unless you are very close, so it is a lot harder to find at first.
15. The start menu is very different, but again, demo so it makes sense.
16. Cannot get enough points for a promotion.
17. Enemies are a noticeably harder.
18. Funkify note presents can be found on the level, not just from the gospel singers.