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SNES Vs. Arcade

On this page, we will be comparing the arcade and super nintendo
versions of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time". We will
show some of the differences both of the games had including different
bosses, items, and animations.


The SNES title screen is a bit different as it refers to the game as
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4" while the arcade one just calls it
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

In the SNES version of turtles in time, when you were idle, April
O'Neil would pop up on screen and say "fight!". In the arcade version,
Master Splinter would scroll across the screen telling you to "Hurry!".

Some of the bosses had different death animations. For example, in the
SNES version, Baxter Stockman would fall off the bridge after he was
defeated. In the arcade version, he just collapsed.
Another Note to make is that the bosses had their name at the top of
the screen as well as how much life they had left in the SNES version,
in the Arcade version, neither was shown.

In the Arcade version, before boss battles, the boss would actually say
something. In the SNES version, text was scrolled across the bottom of
the screen with what they were saying to you.

Also, after defeating a boss in the SNES version, text telling you that
you beat the level was shown. No text was shown after beating a boss in
the arcade version.

In the SNES version of turtles in time, when you obtained a pizza that
gave you extra health, your character said "Pizza Time!". In The arcade
version, the character would say "Pizza Time!" and do a pose as shown
in the above picture.

The SNES version referred to both surfing stages as "Bonus Stages". You
were also given a score after completing the bonus level before
battling the boss of each stage. Neither of these were in the arcade

In the SNES version there were pizza boxes with question marks on them
during both of the surfing bonus levels. These Pizza Boxes were not
found in the arcade version.

The SNES version had a robot enemy that threw electrocuting rings at
you, this robot was featured in one of the episodes of the TV show and
went by the name of "roadkill rodney"(credit: Joseph Collins from Sonic
Cult Forums for the name). In the arcade version, there was a robot
that had boxing gloves on and punched you. This robot was never seen in
the TV show or heard of before.

In the SNES version there were man holes which foot soldiers would pop
out of and throw man hole covers at you . In the arcade version, there
was a man hole, but it was covered by wood and no foot soldiers came
out of them.

In the snes version of sewer surfin, at the end of the level, you
fought the rat king in a boss fight. In the arcade version, you were
greeted by shredder and sent through his time warp. There was no fight
with the rat king in the arcade version.

The boss for the stone age level in both versions was different. In the
SNES version, you fought slash, a turtle who had a sword and a spin
attack, in the arcade version you fought Cement Man. He threw cement
clumps at you which would momentarily disable you.

The boss for the pirate ship level was also different. In the SNES
version, you fought bebop and rocksteady who were dressed as pirates.
In the arcade, you fought Tokka and Razah. Both pairs of enemies had
basicaly the same attacks.

Also note that in the arcade version, right before the boss battle, it'd begin to rain. This didn't happen in the snes version.

This yellow foot soldier who is throwing a boomerang was in the arcade version. He was never seen in the SNES one.

In the train level of the arcade version, there was some extras in the
background. There was what seems to be circus equipment as well as a
mirror and a rack with some shirts on it.

Leatherhead had a different animation for his entrance in both
versions. In the SNES, he'd crawl in backwards, in the arcade version,
he was shown waiting for you and then would come out of the corner
ready to fight.

The Arcade and SNES versions of the future surfing level were almost
completely different. In the SNES one, most of the level was played in
a vertical facing view, kind of like a racing game. In the arcade
version, it was just a standard side scroll level like the others. Both
levels had the same side scroll boss fight with krang though.

After defeating the second krang boss. His ship was shown destroyed. In
the SNES version, krang is not shown inside the ship, but in the arcade
version, you can see a beaten up krang inside the ship after it's

The final boss in both versions is slightly different. The SNES version
featured super shredder while the arcade had just regular shredder.
Both bosses were about the same except super shredder had a attack that
lit the floor on fire and regular shredder could kick, punch, and
attack with his sword.

In the SNES version, depending on what level of difficulty you played,
you were given a certain ending. In the arcade, you were shown the same
ending each time.(which was basicaly the ending you'd get if you beat
the SNES version on hard)

One thing to note, in the snes version, April said the people who
defeated shredder were unkown while in the Arcade version, she says the
ninja turtles had defeated shredder as they are delivering the statue
of liberty back to new york via the turtle blimp.

Before the pirate stage, you can catch a glimpse of shredder carved
into the front of the pirate ship as it scrolls accross the screen in
the arcade version. Also, after beating the train stage, the screen
scrolls by and you can see the front of the train. Neither of these
happen in the SNES version.

In the arcade version, if there were four players being controlled,
after you defeated a boss, you'd get an animation of all four turtles
slapping hands rather then the usual "jump in the air" animation you
got. This couldn't occur in the SNES one as it was limited to only two

The Missing Technodrome Level
In the SNES version of turtles in time, you fought inside of the
technodrome before being sent back in time. In the arcade version, this
level didn't exist and you were sent through the time warp right after
you finished sewer surfin. Here are some screens of that level.

Left: A little clip is played of the turtles getting ready to raid the technodrome right before the start of the level.Right: The beggining of the technodrome level.

Left: A mouser enemy which was not in the arcade version.
Right: Shredder being shown on numerous TV screens while laughing.

Left: Boss battle with Tokka & Razah. As noted above, you fight these two on the pirate level in the arcade version.
Right: The elevator section of the technodrome.

All three of these are pictures during the boss fight with shredder.
He's in some sort of machine and you have to throw foot soldiers at him
in order to defeat him.

Shredder jumps into some sort of portal after being defeated and sends you into his time warp.

Some Other Notes
In the arcade version, your character usually chimed in with a sound
byte at certain times. Like when you were frozen by a ice beam, the
character would say "im too cool" or something. There were no sounds
for these kinds of things in the snes version. In the snes version,
when your player lost a life, he'd say "aw, shell shocked", in the
arcade version this sound is only made if you've lost ALL of your
lifes, it's not done for every life you lose.
BMF54123 from Sonic Cult's forums has this to add - "Another thing to
note: the sound clips played before each stage are different in both
versions. In the Arcade version, it's just a generic announcer voice,
while the SNES version has what sounds like a slightly retarded
teenager (maybe it was supposed to sound like a Turtle?). Also, the
Arcade version has a sound clip for "Big Apple, 3AM" in the sound test,
but AFAIK it's never actually played in the game."