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Cult Video Project - Finished
by Phugolz
Posted 09-09-2009 19:11
Over the last few months, and prior we have been working on bringing out all the videos we have harvested from the internet. Well today is a wonderful day, because after much hard work all 1,600+ videos are now a part of our collective. Only 3 videos didn't get added, only due to the fact that their systems aren't added as of yet. Some of my personal favorites are the Toejam & Earl III sections, which I personally hacked/recorded/researched. If it's been a while since you explored the site, now would be a good time to start digging again.

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IUG :: 09-09-2009 20:41 :: ip: Hidden
99% was Phug's work, if not 100%. I've been watching in the [url=]RSS feed[/url] that shows the updates to the X-Egg.
Phugolz :: 09-10-2009 00:49 :: ip: Hidden
The video project was pretty much mine, I <s>made</s> modded a script to watch the directory I was dumping the videos into. No one cared D=
IUG :: 09-10-2009 01:08 :: ip: Hidden
I've noticed, but I kindof made it a thing to not post updates based on staff at the site to hopefully get more members to contribute.

Shit-all that did.
Cryomancer :: 09-10-2009 01:26 :: ip: Hidden
Congrats. I know how much of a pain in the ass massive projects can be, it's nice to see someone get something done.
biggestsonicfan :: 09-10-2009 02:44 :: ip: Hidden
I'm noticing a serious lack of Seaman in the Dreamcast section. I need to remedy this.
Phugolz :: 09-11-2009 17:39 :: ip: Hidden
Please do! do you need a copy?

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