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Sega CD BIOS Disassembly
by Phugolz
Posted 10-21-2009 16:54
Posted yesterday on the Hacking forum, the Sega CD BIOS has been disassembled. From this point it would be fairly easy to create a bios that has NO country select, which could be added to a modded Sega CD. You can download it here.

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segaloco :: 10-22-2009 22:02 :: ip: Hidden
Hey all you people. Hey all you people. Hey all you people why don't you listen to meeeee? I just made a disasm, but no ordinary disasm, a disasm that needs your editing. If anybody can help to clean this up, add comments, anything like that, please let me know, or not, I don't really care =P
Reaper :: 11-01-2009 19:37 :: ip: Hidden
Hey segaloco, can I ask you question?

I have dumped my mobile phone firmware (LG KP501 cookie), and managed to change the IMEI number and found the network unlock codes.

I'm also trying to see what hacks could I make to my satellite tv receiver firmware (echostar 8100). So far I found the number of the node it dials when buying pay per view movies and the username and password it uses to connect. But I wonder how far I could go with a disasm.

So the question is, how do you disasm bioses/programs that are not for standard processors? I just want to know where could I start looking.
segaloco :: 11-04-2009 04:17 :: ip: Hidden
IDA Pro. If your CPU isn't supported, look for an extension. Sorry this post isn't long, IPB3 is a bitch on PSP.
Phugolz :: 11-04-2009 18:09 :: ip: Hidden
so is playing a game
Vangar :: 12-06-2009 05:08 :: ip: Hidden<br><br>Hacked Bios?
segaloco :: 12-06-2009 20:43 :: ip: Hidden
Your post fails it, but I assume I know what you are talking about: the MultiBIOS. It is just the three region bios mashed together with Columns into a 512kb file for EPROM writing. Uses switches for region switching, so it's not really hacked, other than the custom logo.

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