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SNES flash cart
by Phugolz
Posted 11-07-2009 13:46
A long time wait is now over. There's a SNES flash cart worth a fuck. Now all that needs to happen is someone buying it for me.

Sooooo sexy....

EDIT/UPDATE: Seems they can sell their products, but not share their images. That's kinda lame.

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IUG :: 11-07-2009 18:03 :: ip: Hidden
Getting a script image trying to tell you not to hotlink, but the code is broken.
Overlord :: 11-07-2009 20:38 :: ip: Hidden

Direct link =P

It's a very neat piece of kit - though pricey, at $125. But CF? SD comes with bigger card sizes :(
Phugolz :: 11-08-2009 07:32 :: ip: Hidden
I read it has to do with speed of loading, CF is faster in transfering the roms.
Overlord :: 11-08-2009 17:57 :: ip: Hidden
Even so :(

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