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Updates? On our X-Egg? It's more likely than you think...
by IUG
Posted 03-31-2010 02:08
Hey all. I know me and you have an antagonistic attitude towards each other. I yell at you to provide updates to the X-Egg (you know, our database of games and their changes from development builds to final games), and you ignore me. Well, segaloco decided to not take this sitting down either, and he brought you guys some updates.

segaloco has updated two Nintendo games with some pre-release information, brand spanking new information at that.

Jet Force Gemini for the Game Boy Color
Legend Of Zelda: Major's Mask brand new Debug Mode.

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segaloco :: 03-31-2010 02:47 :: ip: Hidden
And don't worry, now that I really got a case of cult pride, I'm gonna be working on a lot of stuff, maybe not all visible at first. I'm gonna try to get more info on that JFG for Gameboy, maybe set up a deal to buy it if I make enough money off my summer job. Also, cen and his buddies are working on that Majora's mask rom as we speak, so more should come to light eventually.

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