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So like, I haven't forgotten about you X-Cult. While you sat there and got an occasional update, I've been plodding along writing the code for the little thing you call X-Egg. I personally call it "oh god what the fuck is this shit," but to each his own.

Speaking of "oh god what the fuck is this shit," We have a new design for the main page, courtesy of our friend and fellow admin SSUK. He's also been plodding along doing a bunch of crazy shit with Javascripts and PHPs and who knows what else. Now, this design is far from complete, expect it to be rolled out to other parts of the site in the near future, as they get done. Also, don't expect 100% usability at this point, as there's still some potential kinks to work out.

Other than that, enjoy your new Cult. (Read More)
Hey all. I know me and you have an antagonistic attitude towards each other. I yell at you to provide updates to the X-Egg (you know, our database of games and their changes from development builds to final games), and you ignore me. Well, segaloco decided to not take this sitting down either, and he brought you guys some updates.

segaloco has updated two Nintendo games with some pre-release information, brand spanking new information at that.

Jet Force Gemini for the Game Boy Color
Legend Of Zelda: Major's Mask brand new Debug Mode. (Read More)
Two Silent Hill Prototypes, and Sonic X-Treme? Wow. Posted by Phugolz on 12-08-2009 23:43.

So DRX over at hidden Palace has released two silent hill e3 prototypes. Grab the torrent here. Thx drx!

Also, Scarred Sun, owner of Sonic Retro, has released the source files for Sonic X-Treme. This isn't a joke, the files can be found on her forum post here. (Read More)
new neo geo pocket prototypes Posted by Phugolz on 11-09-2009 05:22.
Densha de Go! 2 on Neo Geo Pocket (Japan) (Beta)
King of Fighters R-2 (World) (En,Ja) (Beta)
Neo Cherry Master Color - Real Casino Series (World) (En,Ja) (Beta)
Pac-Man (World) (En,Ja) (Beta)
Puzzle Bobble Mini (Japan, Europe) (Beta)
SNK vs. Capcom - Gekitotsu Card Fighters - SNK Supporter Version (Japan) (Beta)
SNK vs. Capcom - Gekitotsu Card Fighters (Japan) (Beta)
Sonic the Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure (World) (Beta)
King of Fighters R-1 & Melon-chan no Seichou Nikki (Japan)(Beta)

Download here (Read More)
SNES flash cart Posted by Phugolz on 11-07-2009 13:46.
A long time wait is now over. There's a SNES flash cart worth a fuck. Now all that needs to happen is someone buying it for me.

Sooooo sexy....

EDIT/UPDATE: Seems they can sell their products, but not share their images. That's kinda lame. (Read More)
Halo Reach(around) Screenshots Leaked Posted by Phugolz on 11-06-2009 17:34.
Thanks to ToM MoReLLo, we now have leaked screenshots of Halo Reach. Awesome job, enjoy your legal proceedings. Bungie and Microsoft are working hardcore to cover this up. So as usual, here they are. This is revenge for that fag getting our youtube account shitcanned. Assholes.

(Read More)
Tanuki Posted by IUG on 10-28-2009 11:02.
(Read More)
Sega CD BIOS Disassembly Posted by Phugolz on 10-21-2009 16:54.
Posted yesterday on the Hacking forum, the Sega CD BIOS has been disassembled. From this point it would be fairly easy to create a bios that has NO country select, which could be added to a modded Sega CD. You can download it here. (Read More)
ugh,!#@$! Posted by Phugolz on 09-30-2009 05:17.


JESUS. They are making another Sonic collection. In a leaked Sega Document they talk about another collection of regurgitated fuckvomit. Read the document here

I wish to god Sega could be trusted with Sonic's copyright. Furries are a dying breed thanks to AIDS and you only have so many recolors to choose from. Reading this document made my asshole pucker. (
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Sony Playstation 2 TEST DTL-H30001 bios Posted by Phugolz on 09-21-2009 01:28.
Thanks to some hard work by someone smarter then myself, the bios for the DTL-H30001 unit has been dumped. download here (Read More)
SNEGA 4 ALL MY SNIGGAZ Posted by Phugolz on 09-18-2009 23:52.
http://www.snega2usb.com/. A SNES/SEGA Genesis (Megadrive) adapter. It's a work in progress that allows the reading of carts via usb. No longer will you have to bootleg roms if you wish to emulate. No longer will you have to do wacky things to dump carts.

I have a boner raging. (Read More)
X-Cult Twitter Posted by IUG on 09-18-2009 20:24.

Followus on Twitter. You can see mini updates, the ramblings of mad admins and mods, and even get useful information, like when X-Cult: Online games are starting up. Just request a mod/admin to post updates to the Twitter page for you, and it'll be sent to all of our (non)followers. (Read More)
Lobo Released! Posted by Phugolz on 09-15-2009 20:04.
The unreleased game Lobo for Sega Genesis/Megadrive has been released! Thanks to DRX/Hidden Palace/Ryo Suzuki/Sega Saturno

download it here! (Read More)
Cult Video Project - Finished Posted by Phugolz on 09-09-2009 19:11.
Over the last few months, and prior we have been working on bringing out all the videos we have harvested from the internet. Well today is a wonderful day, because after much hard work all 1,600+ videos are now a part of our collective. Only 3 videos didn't get added, only due to the fact that their systems aren't added as of yet. Some of my personal favorites are the Toejam & Earl III sections, which I personally hacked/recorded/researched. If it's been a while since you explored the site, now would be a good time to start digging again. (Read More)
BS Zelda hardware version Posted by Phugolz on 08-21-2009 17:49.
The good folks over at the BS Zelda Homepage have put together a version of BS Zelda that can be run on game hardware. They have also added patches for BS Zelda 3 to add title screens. Go one over and give them a download! (Read More)
New Unreleased Genesis game: Lobo Posted by Phugolz on 08-21-2009 01:00.
Copy/Paste goodness From Wesker:

Hello everyone. I'm glad to announce today what's going to be the next unreleased title from SEGASaturno.

This time, we have decided to set up a community donations stage first, in order to cover the remaining funds we need for releasing the game we are presenting to all of you.

Which game are we talking about? It's LOBO for the Mega Drive/Genesis.

This unreleased brawler by Ocean, settled up in the DC Comics' LOBO universe, actually reached end of development at Ocean of America. It was to be released for both the Mega Drive/Genesis and SNES in 1996, but the game was cancelled as a last minute decission and never saw the light of day for any platform.

Our Mega Drive/Genesis LOBO prototype is in fully finished state. I don't think the retail game would have been any different. Here goes some proof:

What? Don't like static stuff? Take a glance to this, then:


Allright. Getting into terms then. The total sum for this is 390€. Thanks to efforts from our insiders and close colleagues, however, we already covered 190€, so the remaining amount for our release to be viable is 200€.

If you are interested in participating, please post here and either send your donations to unreleased@segasaturno.com or through the addressed field in http://www.segasaturno.com/donacion.htm.

Theprototype will be released as soon as the total sum is gathered through all donations. So, you decide when it's done!

Thanks in advance to everyone. We hope there's enough interest for this, resulting in a viable way for us to keep releasing more prototypes if it's successful.

List of donations:
Total sum: 390€
-Ryo Suzuki 30€
-saturn_worship 30€
-Wesker 30€
-Blackwolf 15€
-KFR 10€
-jordigahan 10€
-Scope131 10€
-Denymetanol 10€
-Jumafas 10€
-Raizing(Mandanga) 10€
-estoybien 15€
-Rai_Seiyuu 10€

Gathered sum: 190€
Target amount: 200€

(Read More)